Boy, am I glad I didn’t graduate this year

According to news reports there will be a massive 70 graduate applicants for every job available this year.

Graduates set to struggle as 70 apply for each available job

What a scary position to be in, and my heart really does go out to all of those graduates who will be affected.

It seems to me like it’s a never ending circle – there are no jobs at the moment, whether you’re a graduate or not, and the spending cuts to the public sector wont help.

But because of the lack of jobs, more and more students are applying for university – with an increase in applications of nearly 14% on last year.

I’m sure we can all foresee next year’s headlines which will be screaming that there will be even more unemployed graduates.

My advice?

Get out of the country.

Sounds extreme I know.

But seriously, if you can, take advantage of some of the great graduate study schemes abroad such as the Mountbatten Programme in New York or the gap year abroad working at Disney World in Florida (which I did myself – it was such good fun and an amazing experience where I learnt so much about myself).

Even teaching abroad or working as a nanny.

There are millions of graduates out there job hunting and fighting for that dream position and, as today’s headlines say, many of them aren’t in with a chance.

So do something that sets you apart from the crowd.

Get that ‘life experience’ everyone is always talking about.

I did it and it was that one six month period that both my employers since then have said got me into the interview.

And let’s face it, once the interviews in the bag the rest is down to you, and has nothing to do with your degree.