20 things PR pros should know NOT to do

This is inspired by a post over on PR Daily naming the 20 things a PR pro should know how to do.

This is my take on things PR pros should know NOT to do. A few obvious ones, but sometimes they’re the ones most easily forgotten.

Anything to add? Make your suggestions in the comments box….


  1. Phone journalists when you know they’re on deadline
  2. Be unprepared for questions  when doing a sell in
  3. Miss a deadline
  4. Spam journalists with the same release, with no thoughts of what they actually want
  5. Fail to get interesting, exciting (and high res!) images to accompany stories


  1. Delete negative comments
  2. Focus on numbers, not engagement
  3. Not bother monitoring conversation
  4. Share nothing but links to your own website and offers
  5. Not familiarise yourself with analysis tools


  1. Fail to set clear targets, expectations and evaluation methods
  2. Not work out a clear approval process
  3. Do whatever your client asks even if you know it’s a waste of their time and money
  4. Not push for opinions and viewpoints
  5. Ignore situations if they go wrong, mistakes happen – it’s how you deal with them that count


  1. Churn out news releases with no strategy or reason behind them
  2. Get coverage for coverage’s sake
  3. Fail to make sure press, advertising, social media activity etc is joined up
  4. Not make the time to read the newspapers/blogs/magazines
  5. Not hold regular planning and brainstorming meetings

By Brooke Nolan


14 thoughts on “20 things PR pros should know NOT to do

  1. erinkelley1 says:

    This post made me laugh a bit because all of the tips seem like things we should already know, but they are definitely important to remember because I am sure that many new (and old) people in the public relations world make these mistakes regularly. Next year when I’m out in the real world I will certainly need to constantly be thinking and revising everything that I do. Being a PR student and a PR professional are certainly not the same thing!

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