Top 5 freaky animal ad campaigns

I had a nightmare last night about Thumb Cats.

For those of you aren’t aware Thumb Cats are, well, cats with thumbs.

The invention of milk producers Cravendale’s genius ad team, Thumb Cats are the latest furry friend to see huge viral success.

But, quite frankly, they freak me out.

So, on that note, here are my top five freaky animal ad campaigns.

1). Cravendale’s Thumb Cats campaign

This campaign features cats with thumbs – what more needs to be said? Check out the advert below or, if you want to be really terrified, head over to the official You Tube channel to see cats with thumbs playing tiddlywinks, blending and splitting atoms.  


2). Compare the market’s ‘Compare the Meercat’ campaign

You wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this furry creature – he looks a bit stern to me. Then again I’m not sure I’d like to get on the wrong side of any animal which can talk, and wears glasses.  And is really small.


3). Andrex toilet paper’s computerised dogs

Used to like this advert. Little puppies, running around. What the hell happened? Who are these computerised imposters?! According to the Daily Mail the move to scrap the real puppies was down to the, ahem, bottom line.


4). Müller corner ‘Thank you cows’

Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing me knows I’m terrified of horses, following an unfortunate incident in the New Forest as a child. Up until this advert I liked cows. Thanks Müller for ruining that one for me.


3). Dairy Milk’s drum playing gorilla

Massive gorilla plus Phil Collins. Enough said?


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