New blog resolution

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This year has been my first foray into social media and blogging.

It has been fairly successful – my Twitter followers have grown steadily, as have the conversations I’ve had with peers, I’ve become a contributor for PR Daily Europe – which means I have an excuse to consume far more social media and PR news each day than should be deemed necessary – and my blog has started to slowly attract more readers with each post.

Of course, it’s nothing in the realms of some of the master bloggers who we all look to for inspiration everyday – but they’re achievements nonetheless.

2011 is the year I want to step it up a gear.

But I know that in order to be truly successful I require one thing above all else – dedication.

Having just completed a 30 week blogging programme for a client, where I helped him draft a weekly blog, I know how hard it is to get the inspiration – and perhaps above all else – the time, to dedicate to creating regular (and high-quality) content. Especially when you’re busy with your ‘day job’.

But I also know that if you form the habit then it’s hard to break.

Next year will be the year that I make the time – after all, I help clients everyday with their social media strategies – and it’s a bit contradictory if I’m not practicing what I preach.

But I think that’s something that many PR practitioners are guilty of. How many times have you come across a company or individual that claims to be able to help you with public relations, social media or marketing and yet they are using none of these channels to promote themselves?

To this end, I have given this blog a bit of a makeover, hopefully making it easier to understand and digest.

Along with the new look is a new Facebook fan page. And there’s also a new domain name on its way

I’ve created a content schedule packed with ideas along the same line as my more successful advice-led articles and aim to update this blog at least once a week – more if I can.

My only problem is I don’t exactly have the greatest record when it comes to keeping new year’s resolutions.

Last year I was supposed to spend no more than £25 per month on clothes (that so didn’t happen!) and the year before that I was supposed to learn Spanish.

Let’s just say ‘no hablo español’ two years later!

But, I have a feeling this one might just be different. I’m passionate about communications, and the great thing about the industry at the moment is that there is something new to learn every day.

What about you? What are your new year’s resolutions?


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