What we say and what we mean – PR clichés

I was having a chat with a business owner over the weekend, who has just taken on a freelance PR to do some ad hoc work for his company.

He said it was all going well, but why did ‘us PR and marketing lot’ have to use so much jargon?

And it’s true.

There are far too many people in this industry (and most others) who talk in riddles – what’s wrong with just saying what we mean?

Here’s a few of the best PR clichés – and what I think they really mean.

If you’ve got any to add let me know.

1. Smoke and mirrors

It’s not quite the truth but we’ll make the journalist think it is.

2. Take a view

We’re busy and don’t have time to talk to you right now. Either that or we simply don’t know the answer.

3. Pull out all the stops

We’ll work extra hard, or at least try to.

4. Thinking outside the box

We’ll try and be original. This one makes me laugh though – if we weren’t original, we wouldn’t be very good at our job now would we?

5. Moving forward

There’s no need for this one – ever. We just mean ‘in the future’, and half the time even that isn’t needed.

6. Touch base

We’re calling to say hello and to show you that we are still working hard for you, even though press coverage might not be as high as it was in previous months.

7. Hit the ground running

We’ll start straight away. Again, it’s pretty pointless – I don’t think we’d have clients for very long if we didn’t.

8.       On the same page

We’re thinking the same thing as you, or vice versa.


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